Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Introducing Brides' Girl Friday

Gone are the days that your MOH or your BM's help with all your needs on your wedding day. Today's wedding party is there to be supportive and to have FUN!!! But there is no need to worry - Brides' Girl Friday is here!!!

BGF is your personal wedding day assistant that is ready to take on anything that may come on your wedding day. From running last minute errands - to the drug store, dry cleaners, or Starbucks - fixing wardrobe malfunctions - a loose hem - or solving any other minor emergencies - pain reliever for a headache or a last minute spritz of hairspray - BGF is there to help!

BGF services are available hourly and also offer different wedding day packages to suit your needs for you wedding day. Also available the week of the wedding for last minute shopping or to run errands and after your wedding to drop off your wedding dress for cleaning or to check on your house while you are away.

To find out more about BGF, Please call

Karen St. Clair

Brides’ Girl Friday
58 River Street
Milford, CT 06460